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Sex Addiction Therapy...The Ugly Truth Behind Treatment?

    I am about to Share...

The Powerful Paradox...that is The Most Effective...

 Sexual Addiction Cure

                      Ever Invented!

*Paradox:  1.  A statement that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in Reality expresses a possible Truth.  

2.  An opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion

Note: This article WAS WRITTEN IN 2003 AND takes about 7 minutes to read.


Sexual Addiction Counseling Doesn't Work For Men

I know your time is valuable, so I’ll get straight to the point:

No matter the physical symptoms of the Sexual Addiction you are struggling with...  


Porn, Infidelity, Masturbation, Chat Rooms, etc.


...what I am going to share with you can positively permanently transform your Addiction...

...even if you are currently in Crisis...


  •   This is NOT traditional information about sex addiction treatments.
  • At the same time, this information is VITALLY important, even NECESSARY to your well being, especially if you’ve been involved in SAA or another 12-Step Group.


And...if you’re interested in a TIME-AND-COST EFFECTIVE alternative to traditional therapy for addiction, you’ve found the right site.


This site offers something REFRESHINGLY different.

Something VERY Powerful...



 Once you REALLY 'GET' IT, you'll see exactly how to release your addiction.  Period.


 I've given you a hint about what is to come... 

And with Knowledge comes Personal Responsibility, without excuses

 So before reading further, I ask you this question:

 Do you WANT to release yourself from your addiction in a Powerful and Peaceful way and are you WILLING to experience true freedom?


If your answer is 'YES' I respectfully urge you to read what I have to share...below. 

 You may be thinking 'Ya, right.  Sounds 'too good' to be true, right?  

 ...the possibility that the Chaos and Destruction your addiction is cycling you (and your loved ones) through can actually Be Resolved Peacefully?

 I know... I know.  

I've experienced it for myself.


Respectfully, I urge you to keep reading...

  ...Here are some Facts I found revealing... 

FACT 1:  Eventually most of us experience a need for Counseling.

I've read surveys asking...




FACT 2:  ...and the survey results said:

"Most Men believe 'Counseling Just Doesn't Work'..." 

I believe Most Men ARE RIGHT.

 Let me explain what I mean by this...

At one point in time I considered counseling as a form of

'Emotional Masturbation'... Emotional Release that was ultimately just an

'Unproductive use of Time and Energy'.


Don't get me wrong here...  

I'm NOT suggesting Emotional Release is 'bad.'  What I am saying is emotional venting,

in-and-of-itself, is 'not necessarily productive'

...and CAN even be 'Destructive'.  


I wanted more than 'emotional release'.

I wanted 'Logical Reasons and Constructive Results'. 

Since then, I've learned for myself...

FACT 3:  All Counseling Methods are Not-Created-Equal.


And by the way, sexual addiction is NOT about sexual release.  

Your 'issue' is NOT what it appears to be.


The Counseling Methods that are truly effective know that there is a logical, REAL REASON behind your issue...

but you can't see it because it is 'effectively hiding' beneath your awareness:


SUBCONSCIOUSLY you have programmed logical behavioral responses--'well intended, immature theories'--that WILL EVENTUALLY FAIL in the Real World.

 In other words, the behavior you call your Addiction is 'attempting' to serve a function that you theorized would work, yet will ultimately Fail you.


You cannot seem to let go of it, even when faced with pain or evidence, because you SUBCONSCIOUSLY BELIEVE that without it, you will be in danger.  


In other words, you are subconsciously convinced that your addiction is actually 'Keeping You Safe'.  This is Not True. In fact, it's a flat out lie.


Your powerful mind, in response to your unique, real-world childhood experience, has been ‘literally’ programmed with responses that were 'supposed to' Protect You.  


Your existing struggles are a direct result of this programming… 


More on this in a minute...but first...

Men are problem solvers by nature. 

Yet, most of us seeking change are resistant to counseling...we simply don’t believe in it. 


If we problem-solving-men believed counseling would really work for us, we would seek it. 

This is further reinforced by the fact that, at some point in time,
all men seek out and receive specialized knowledge and advice from 'an Authority' of some sort:  coach, professor, teacher, spiritual figure, business seminar presenter, etc


So...why do Men generally resist counseling? 

Years ago, a behavioral study unearthed a distressing discovery about traditional counseling methods:

Many of those who enrolled in traditional counseling methods for addictions, anger, codependency, compulsions, infidelity, relationship issues or other unwanted behaviors and thinking...  

 ...took as long, or longer to recover than those who didn't!


A variety of reasons may have contributed to this, yet I see the most important as this:

As adults we have 'forgotten' 90% of our experiences. We've stored the memories beneath our consciousness.  

Through our childhood filters, we deemed 10% Important enough to remember and the rest is ‘lost’ to our Subconscious. 

This means, at best, counseling methods that do not acknowledge this only have access to 10% of our significant information. 


The unresolved Core Issues that are indelibly recorded in our other 90% remain LOCKED AWAY.  They are influencing us by their very existence.  We experience frustration because we've not-yet-learned how to find them--they are beneath our conscious awareness.

The Principles of Real Estate apply here…


You must LOCATE (identify) and OWN (acknowledge that you possess) the problem in order to FIX IT long term.


The Eight Psychosocial Stages of Human Development”

Dr. Erik Erikson, esteemed psychologist (1902-1994),

is well known for coining the phrase...

"Identity Crisis"

Erikson…found that unresolved childhood developmental tasks “leave a life-long residue of emotional immaturity” that exhibits itself through behavioral symptoms. 


Here's The Bottom line 

Your original, immature, unidentified subconscious issues are CONTROLLING YOUR BEHAVIORS—

A form of
ENCODING AND PROGRAMMING that was hypnotically induced in your youth, continues to predetermine your future and your path.

Traditional counseling gets you in touch with your feelings

(an experience that can be very difficult for men to embrace without being associated with positive results) 

And although expressing your feelings is beneficial and may feel good, without locating the root issue, like your addiction, it will only provide a "temporary fix”. 

In fact, I’ve known people who I experienced as

Counseling Junkies

Traditional counseling methods can leave 90% of your issue untouched.  Perhaps this explains why clients remain in traditional counseling for 18 months on average…

Onto my next point...


This one is a "BIGGIE"... and offers self-understanding in how you are 'Being Compelled' by your Addiction...


It’s called “Pavlov’s Law


In addition to the 90/10 memory statistic, behaviors we call 'Addictions' are LEARNED automatic responses to triggers.  

This type of learning was first explained by Russian Physician, Dr. Ivan Pavlov, and nicknamed “
Pavlov’s Law”.

Ivan Pavlov, Nobel Prize in Physiology 1904. 

Using dogs as test subjects, Pavlov scientifically observed what happened when he 'paired' previously unrelated stimuli.  Knowing that dogs automatically salivated when presented with food (a natural, logical response), he paired the food with the simultaneous trigger of 'ringing a bell.'  Before long, he saw the dogs ‘had learned’ to salivate to the sound of the bell (learned, unnatural, triggered response), and now salivated to the bell with or without the food.  The bell became a ‘trigger’ that had become associated with the response of salivation.

 Addictions have their own triggers--just like the bell.  On the 10% conscious level they don’t seem to make logical sense.  This can lead you to believe you're GOING CRAZY.



The logic of the issue exists in the subconscious 90%.



             Fight or Flight (and Freeze) ! 

Originally discovered by the great Harvard physiologist Walter Cannon, this response is subconsciously hard-wired in our brain and represents a genetically inherited 'survival wisdom' passed down to protect us from bodily harm.


Through conditioning ‘addiction’ is programmed into this fight, flight or freeze...subconscious response.

Can you see the Problem…? How do we Re-Program this response in our mind…?

 More in a minute...


Why does Sexual Addiction Counseling fail so many?


Most addiction therapies are… 'BEHAVIORAL THERAPIES'… focusing on the external behaviors as the problem rather than the Root Issues...locked away within the other 90% of our unconscious.   

Obviously if a form of counseling worked and made logical sense, without taking years to complete, men would be more enthusiastic.  

So, what’s the solution? 

Scientists have shown that if you touch a precise location on the brain with an electrode, the memory stored in this location, and all the feelings associated with this memory, will surface.


Do you see what I see in this study? 

If we could ‘touch’ the forgotten 90% of our significant childhood memories that are locked within our subconscious…


no longer being endlessly enslaved by the ‘Personal Bells’ that TRIGGER and COMPEL our addictive responses. 



I am reminded of my favorite DEFINITION OF INSANITY: 

Doing the same thing over and over...
yet expecting a different outcome.

Talk about a WASTE OF TIME!

My name is Todd "Taz",

 And I'm about to DIRECT YOU TO EXPERIENCE the most profound and influential knowledge about addiction known to man.
As “extreme" as that sounds, it is VERY true.  Pay close attention.

Here's the deal: 

Human Behavior has never been a fascination for me.  It’s been an Obsession.

For years I researched how to improve my behavior to be the best I could be... 

…and although therapy is a valid part of our culture, and thousands of books have been written on the subject, it was TOO SLOW and TOO COSTLY for me…

I'm not talking about "that" kind of therapy...


I'm talking about the kind of instant change that I heard about with hypnosis methods, such as:

Losing 50 lbs in 6 MONTHS

Ending Depression

  • Relieving Anxiety
  • Smoking Cessation, etc. 



However, as I continued to research these amazing results, I soon learned that: 
Even clinical hypnosis wasn’t effective on certain addictions long term... 


Because removing the symptom doesn’t remove the root subconscious issue.
The core issue will ‘morph’ into another form—a new symptom!

For example:

A person quits smoking through hypnosis and then gains 30 LBS.

Still intrigued, I imagined what it would be like to access this ‘super power’ of addiction release, if possible...  

…but most of what I found ‘out there’ was
useless for my ‘inner struggles’.

I had reached a point in my search where 99% of the info I found was regurgitated old information…the books, manuals and audio programs I purchased didn’t hold my interest.   

They were too long, too complicated, and too much work—OR they just didn’t offer the RESULTS I WANTED.


For example: 

    AA and SAA (and other 12 Step Programs)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Sex Addiction Anonymous
 (SAA) are hugely popular programs with, in my opinion, less than ideal success results (only about a 5% remission rate).  

I’m NOT here to bash AA—or any other 12 step-program...I acknowledge these programs have value (especially in terms of support). 

At the same time,
I found several problems that I could not come to terms with. 

1-The rate of success in people who independently quit an addiction is 5%.  This is the same rate of success of those who quit with the help of the 12-Step Model (SAA and AA).  Not only was the success rate the same (independent of the chosen method) the 5% success rate was not high enough to earn my trust. 

2-Next, the necessary condition of believing in a Power greater than myself that could restore me to sanity (step 2), left me to conclude that atheists would necessarily be excluded from this program.  In other words, this condition necessarily excludes those who do not share a belief in a higher power.  I was seeking a program that SAW THE POWER WITHIN ME.  I was not willing to accept conditions that necessarily excluded others and placed the power outside of my Self. 

3-The statement “Hi I’m ___ and I’m an Alcoholic” (sex addict, etc.) did Not Feel Entirely True to me.  As a matter of fact, it felt downright disempowering. 

    The Truth I know about me now is this: 

I was the oldest child born into a family dynamic that was coping with my father's alcohol addiction.  Although it is true that in the past (even if my past was yesterday) I have experienced myself as an alcoholic, this is NOT WHO I AM.  I learned my behaviors through association and modeling.  I am still learning.


I wanted to Acknowledge the Truth of my past experience, Access my own Personal Power, and then use it to 
CHANGE MY FUTURE EXPERIENCE.  I wanted to 'be able' to drink alcohol in moderation—without abusing it, myself, or anyone else around me in the


Ditto all these for Sex Addiction...

   Another example:

Pastoral Counseling

My attempts to dominate, control, or overrule my behavior with SELF DISCIPLINE or SHEER WIILLPOWER, even with God’s help, didn’t work long term.  Why?  

They didn’t address my bottom line, subconscious issue…

Shame and Guilt don’t work long-term. 

 ...At the end of my Rope,

I found EXACTLY what I was looking for...

(Back in 2003) I found a subculture of practitioners—therapists devoted to inspire human behavior on a level I never knew existed—

A group combining and practicing clinical psychotherapy AND ‘core issue’ therapeutic healing methods…

...LIFE CHANGING RESULTS were ‘normal’... 

...about this Group...

Part of their method came from a totally new fresh perspective founded on the work of the famous Dr. Viktor Frankl.


Dr. Viktor Frankl (left)

The Father of "LOGOTHERAPY"

In his book "Man’s Search for Meaning", this ‘Father of LOGOTHERAPY’ stated, “Between stimulus and response there is a space
…In that space is the power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”.


He would know about freedom and personal power… He spent two years as an inmate in a Nazi Concentration Camp where many inhumane experiments were performed on him. 

What, exactly, is this 'Space' he talks about?

It is the pause in time where we choose how we are going to respond to our stimulus.

Remember Pavlov’s dog? 

If we’ve become ‘Conditioned’ to salivate to a bell, we’ve unconsciously 'decided' (by associated) that the bell 'means' food is coming. 

Once this 'decision' was made, we 'lost control’ of our response.  Our subconscious holds all sorts of these inaccurate decisions.  The process is actually quite SIMPLE...

                     Now back to my point…

This group of practitioners also focused on hearing the deeper messages coming from this subconsciously closed Space—

...the significant messages coming from the other 90% of your forgotten memories that have been LOCKED AWAY.


 They spent very little time discussing symptoms. 

One practitioner in this Select Group Stood Out...


She had unearthed and organized some VERY valuable and powerful information in her clinical therapy practice.

 She knew how to unlock my subconscious mind and re-open the space between my stimulus and response. 

In that space
she showed me the choice I’d made that continued to bind me to my addiction.

For the first time, I could consciously re-decided my own issues. 

She looks like any other ‘normal’ person (you can see her on a PBS video if Google her company)… 

But when you talk with her you start to realize that there is something vastly different going on...  

And I admit it: 

At first I was as skeptical as they come—

 I'll believe it when I see it.”   

Well, let me tell you this: 

I SAW IT, it totally moved me. 

That's the day I found real lasting change ... this subconscious info she’s talking about is VERY real.

My Name Is TAZ,

             And...I Am NO LONGER An Addict! 


I am a Raving Fan of this Method!

I should know... I’ve been a counselor for over 20 years. 

Bottom line…
The information is simply powerful.  If you aren’t truly ready for changes don’t tease yourself any longerIt’s only for people who are actively SEEKING knowledge.  

What you'll get is treasure maps to the mental caverns of your subconscious mind… 

You’ll see how your very own personal
“subliminal messages” are holding your behaviors in “play.”  


This is the ‘real deal’.  

If you are
NOT WILLING TO OPEN UP YOUR unconscious MIND…don't waste another second reading.  

For the rest of you, get ready to learn how this method
removes the original programming that motivated your negative, unwanted behavior in the first place.

                             …AND by the way...

 this Method is completely effective...

...over the Phone or by Skype anywhere in the World.

You don’t even need to leave your own home or office. 

Eliminate the "ROOT" cause and watch your addictive behaviors fade away.

Seriously--check this out!

I hope you've found this information valuable.




And of course, here is the program that I recommend to help you on this path of healing and your deepest purpose.

PS:  If you are serious about changing, I encourage you to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION (with me) at:

                    Click Here:


About Todd Tawzer:  I am a FREELANCE WRITER SPECIALIZING IN THE BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES under the title "The Tawzer Reports".  My life has been rich with variety and experience, including a 20-year legacy of leadership positions, whose responsibilities included counseling Individuals, Married Couples, and Families.

I can be reached by email at:



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Cited on Sexual Dependancy in the Media


Dr. has been offered on lovemaking habit by significant nationwide newspapers, in newspapers, on channels, on TV, and in professional and well-known guides since 1998. Her feedback on the improve in porn habit are even joined into the Government History (U.S. Chair for economic council , Nov 2005.)



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There are many different paths to becoming passionate to sex. In every scenario, it was any sort of incident. Sexual habit is not something you end up picking. That's exciting, too, since it starts as something you did select, does offer satisfaction, but becomes difficult to management.


And lovemaking habit can take many, many types, such as but not restricted to passion with on the internet porn, seeking expensive get in touch with ladies, continuous self satisfaction, hookers, visiting Craig's record for unknown sex, or continuous often visiting of remove organizations and rub shops.


You probably started to use sex to cope with some thoughts you didn't like. Whether the thoughts are aggravation, dullness, sensation out of management, rage or frustration or aggravation with your associate, stress, despair, solitude or something else, lovemaking habit is a "solution" that gets a issue, and your way of life revolves out of management.


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Powerful and/or Kind A Personalities


One individuals having issue with lovemaking extras are men and ladies who have a lot of of management over their way of life in other areas. They satisfaction themselves on their achievements and their feeling of management. If you're in this team, maybe you first started self pleasuring to porn as a youngster, which is absolutely regular, but later you probably started to use sex compulsively to get what you desired somewhere when you were becoming disappointed with sensation not-so-in-control in your job or your connection. You've been so effective and highly effective in every other region, but this is a conduct you can't quit, and you're worried.


If this represents your highway to lovemaking habit and coercion, you need a very smart, professional and done lovemaking habit therapist, because you need to discuss to someone who is intelligent enough to determine your particular challenge and your particular cure, someone who you can regard and who you can't force around!


People with Public Anxiety and Deficit of Sexual Assurance or Experience


Another typical design happens most often among men who as youngsters did not encounter effective with ladies. Trying to get times, or suffering from stress and stress on times is such a challenging encounter that you retreated into the cold community of lovemaking addiction--often pc porn or unknown or paid sex.


People With a Recognized or Unknown Reputation Family Ignore, Assault, or Abuse


Though the cause of lovemaking habit can change from individual to individual, many lovemaking lovers come from family associates where their psychological needs were not met. There may have been psychological and actual neglect, violence, lovemaking mistreatment, or liquor or substance mistreatment. Research have proven that this is the scenario for more than 80% of the individuals who get found up in lovemaking habit.


For whatever purpose, your mother and father may have never offer you with excellent times in the Goals of Sexual Progression.


You didn't have type and constant touching or psychological assistance when you were youthful. You acquired not to believe in and not to become prone and connected to other individuals.


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SexSmart is a great associate to the best guides on comprehension lovemaking habit.


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Why did you start to use sex to relaxed and ease yourself?


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Whatever your lovemaking coercion, your treatments with Dr. will be designed to your personal highway to lovemaking habit, your personal needs, and your particular scenario.


Getting over uncontrollable lovemaking conduct is an extensive procedure, and an strategy that combinations center and thoughts. The objective of treatments is to quit uncontrollable lovemaking conduct but to find, determine, understand (or re-learn) how to savor libido which seems balanced.


For each of you, your voyage will be different.


Individual treatments for lovemaking habit with Dr. Zoldbrod involves:


Specialized methods for determining options --An personalized analysis and continuing assistance.


Depending on the outcomes of the individual needs analysis, treatments usually will include:


Identification of particular developing and present vulnerabilities

Assessment of any co-occurring problems and addictions

An assessment of where you are in the "stages of change"

Assessment of lovemaking development and pre-addictive lovemaking performing (Using Dr. Zoldbrod's Goals model.)

A highly effective imagistic strategy to determine debts in self esteem

Learn how to find, withstand, and healthfully procedure challenging feelings

A particular strategy to find and enhance the balanced inner options you need to cope with your cravings

Being trained how to find inner activates such as dullness or significant depression which cause to uncontrollable behavior

Identifying way of life changes required to be able to cut down on needless experience difficult lovemaking cravings and personal cravings

A innovative model which describes the way you thoughts needs to modify to be able to get over your lovemaking addiction

Encouragement to be a aspect of a assistance group

A procedure to create responsibility for your actions

Suggested readings

Couple treatments is available as well


Resources: Groups


12 Phase Groups:


Sex Junkies Anonymous (SAA)



Sex and Really like Junkies Anonymous (SLAA)

210- 828-7900


Sexaholics Anonymous (SA)



Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA)

800 977-HEAL

Members of SCA are mainly, although not absolutely, gay and bi-sexual


Recovering Partners Anonymous (RCA)





A 12-step team for visitors of intimately passionate individuals.


Codependents of Sex Junkies (COSA)


 Non 12 Step

 Smart Recovery


Professional Groups

 Society for the Progression of Sexual Wellness (SASH)


 Books: Sex and Relationship Addiction

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Zoldbrod, Aline. SexSmart: How Your Child decades Formed Your Sexual Life and What to Do About It. Initially 1998, now iUniverse, 2009. 

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